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Welcome, traveler! Come and join us by the fire! This is the Hearthlight Wiki. This wiki serves as a collaborative location of knowledge for anything related to the Hearthlight game.

What is Hearthlight?

Hearthlight provides an immersive fantasy-medieval experience to a diverse community of players in a safe and welcoming environment. Hearthlight promotes education through participation in medieval arts & sciences and full-contact simulated combat.

The game is built up in the New England states and much of America's North East states. Players are grouped into "Chapters", stationary realms of land where many people come together to fight, build, create, and play the game. Players can also be grouped into teams, armies, or guilds. These can stretch across multiple Chapters and come is a wide variety of play styles and cultures.

Found out more on https://www.hearthlightgame.org/

Purpose of this Guide

  • This is a centralized location for Hearthlight members new and old to find out information about the game and share knowledge with other players
  • This is a resource to find out about Events and Chapters.
  • Looking for a Chapter? Check the map here to find one close to you.

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